My younger brother and I grew up with fishing as an important part of our lives.  There was a simple joy in the whole experience – shopping for the right gear; selecting the hot lures; searching for that special “secret spot” on the local river or pond; catching nightcrawlers with a shaded flashlight or digging for worms in the garden; and of course just talking about all of it.

In looking back, all the preparations and discussions were almost as much fun as actually fishing. But it’s hard to beat that moment when you get to that special spot and make that first cast into the unknown just below the surface and the anticipation of what might happen next.  Just like most people who love to fish, we were the ones “hooked” by the joy  of it.

Fast forward to today, and our older eyes now have to struggle a bit to tie the required knots and try to deal with the built-in limitations of prescription eye glasses. I’ll have to admit at times frustration with just “seeing” what you need to see takes some of the joy out of the fishing experience.

The Magnityer Fishing Pouch evolved as a way to overcome this problem of seeing well enough to tie the knots needed to just keep fishing. The beauty of a Fresnel magnifying lens is that unlike the fixed magnification of eye glasses, the magnification varies depending on the distance away from the plane of the lens. So you can adjust it to your needs while you’re using it. Plus, with a viewing surface of about 35 square inches, you can see a lot even while your fingers are busy moving around and tying knots.

Of course, once we got started, other design ideas sprang up. The fabric pouch will protect and contain the lens, but can we add storage and make it even more useful? Would we be able to add other accessories as well?  Is there a way to make a  “holder” for what we’re tying on? Do we need extra stability to keep this pouch tight to the chest and not swinging around?

The Magnityer Fishing Pouch offers 2 storage pockets & four grommets to attach accessories.

The finished product is basically a magnifying lens inside a pouch that essentially can replace a fishing vest for someone looking to simplify his or her fishing experience with a minimum amount of required gear. If you are looking for a way to eliminate a lot of the fishing “bells and whistles” that have accumulated over the years and are interested in bringing back some basic joy to the fishing experience, the Magnityer Fishing Pouch may be a good choice for you.

This is especially true if you (like us) need a little extra help with the “seeing” part so you can enjoy the rest of the fishing experience just like you always have over the years.

Barry & Doug Haskell

Magnityer Fishing Pouch Product Developers